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Rescuing and restoring survivors of trafficking through safe homes, education and work opportunities.

When a young woman is rescued out of trafficking, she needs a place to go.

Rescued girls doing activities in a safe house

Our safe homes provide food, safety and community for women in need. Our caregiving is long-term, not curriculum-based to ensure that each girl is cared for through counselling and discipleship programs. We help girls find self-worth, gain an education and receive job training.

Every woman who enters our homes can stay until she feels ready to be independent or be reconciled with her family. There’s no time limit on healing.

The work of Woven


Many vulnerable women in our community don’t know about the dangers of sex work. Our staff works to covertly build relationships with women in brothels and helps facilitate rescue.


Our safe homes provide food, safety and community for women in need. Our caregiving is long-term, not curriculum-based. Any woman who comes into our homes can stay until she feels ready to support herself.


Education and job training is the way to reverse the generational cycle of poverty. We provide opportunities for women to make a living in safe work spaces through our jewellery store, hair salon, cafe and organic farm.

Outreach & Rescue

We build relationships with vulnerable women in our community to help prevent trafficking, facilitate rescue and share the gospel of Christ.

Every week, our staff visit brothels and bars to build relationships with the young women who work there.

As a cover, we sell clothing, jewellery and provide hairstyling and manicure services to the women. Whether we are crafting or styling hair, our goal is to start conversations with the girls. When we spend time together, we have opportunity to educate about the dangers of sex work and share the gospel.

Once a friendship has been forged with the girls, our team lets them know we can help them leave their situation. In all our conversations, we aim to provide an authentic, healthy space for girls to be honest and vulnerable.

Local woman crossing rural road


Our safe homes provide safe environments for girls to live, receive counselling and attend school or find work.

We will help any girl for as long as she wants. Everyone’s healing journey is unique - we can’t control the outcome, but we can ensure girls feel empowered, protected and respected.

In our homes, chores and responsibilities are shared, helping girls learn to work together and feel a sense of ownership. A variety of programs take place weekly or monthly, including opportunities to learn creative arts and crafts, exercise, dance or have movie nights with friends. Once a month, our safe homes meet together for spiritual teaching, worship, and fun activities. Discipleship happens weekly in small groups.

Our care is not curriculum based. We consider the unique needs of every individual on their way to healing. We tailer individual processes to help women be reunited with families (when appropriate) and grow into independent, healthy adults.

Local girl doing origami


Education and job training can reverse the generational cycle of poverty.

The girls in our safe homes are able to attend school, and if they wish, pursue vocational and job training. Our project supports four businesses: a jewellery store, hair salon, cafe and organic farm. These safe work spaces provide opportunities for women to learn a trade, and earn an income.

Education and job training builds self-confidence in women, and if they wish, gives them income to send back to their families. Our national staff supports women who want to reconnect with their family. We accompany girls on their visits home, where they bring gifts and can share their new faith with family members.

Our safe work projects

Our businesses provide a safe work environment for individuals to be trained and empowered to make a living. We seek to instill personal value, confidence and true identity in Christ through our work. All proceeds from our projects support our organization.

Local woman creating a necklace


During the initial years of the project, the girls began to design and create jewellery as a therapy method. They fell in love with the craft. Our storefront jewellery business in SE Asia provides girls with the opportunity to earn an income. Additionally, volunteers in Canada host jewellery parties to raise income for the project.

Local woman cutting a client's hair


In partnership with Shear Love International, we launched a beauty school and salon in 2018. Four women graduated from our beauty training program in June 2019. We believe small business creation is one way to alleviate poverty (a major factor in exploitation) and provide safe work.

Local man working in a cafe


We run a full-time café in the region with 20 staff, and work with rural coffee farmers to bring fair-trade beans to the market. Our café provides safe employment for the community, while educating and empowering local staff. In 2018, we began roasting coffee and in 2019, we launched our first Food Production training program.

Farmer working in the field

Organic Farm

Since 2010, our organic farm has been partnering with farmers towards sustainable agriculture and safe work. In a society where the majority of people rely on agriculture, our farm has become a powerful tool for outreach and education. Currently we work with 11 families in a rural village to source our rice and a variety of other products.

Help provide safe homes and opportunities for rescued women.

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