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You can make a difference in the lives of women affected by trafficking.

If you’re like us, your heart breaks when you hear about the exploitation of women.

You want to be an advocate for the vulnerable, but the issue of human trafficking can feel overwhelming. It’s tempting to believe your involvement won’t make a difference. But through the restoration of hundreds of women and girls, we’ve seen proof it will.

You can lead a life of impact.

Many people are passionate about the idea of fighting human trafficking but unsure where to start. For the last 12 years, we’ve worked to prevent trafficking and restore survivors and we have endless ideas for how you can get involved!

Local woman creating a necklace

Purchase with purpose

Many of the women in our safe homes earn an income by making jewellery by hand. Buying their creations not only supports their journey, but also becomes a powerful testament you can wear every day.

Local woman creating a necklace


We want your help! View our current volunteer positions or reach out to share your skills with us.

Local woman creating a necklace

Host a giving campaign online

Engage your community in the journey of helping empower individuals to find healing through our safe homes and prevention programs.

We have a place for you at Woven.

Ready to take the first step? Tell us your skills and passions and we’ll find you a fitting opportunity to volunteer.

Buy jewellery with a purpose

Rescued girls doing activities in a safe house

It’s not easy to find ethical jewellery you’re excited to wear. You shouldn’t have to choose between fair-trade and trendy when you’re shopping…with our jewellery, you can have both!

The women in our SE Asia safe homes create beautiful earrings, necklaces and bracelets in modern colours and designs. Proceeds from jewellery sales are given back to the artisans and our safe work program.

Visit our new online store to check out a limited selection of hand-picked styles, which will be continuously updated as we receive news designs directly from our jewellery workshop. Previously, all our jewellery was available only at markets and events in a few we will ship it straight to your home!

"When I first heard about Woven, I struggled to believe I was skilled or 'spiritual' enough to help.

My fears and doubts narrowed my vision—but God reminded me I simply had to be willing, and he would gently guide my steps.

Sometimes we underestimate the impact our lives can have on those around us. Even if my part in Woven seems small, I know it’s part of a bigger picture. I have a sense of purpose and peace I’ve never experienced before. I get to be part of something significant that changes lives!”

- Shelley, Woven Volunteer

Volunteer with Woven

Over the last 12 years, with the help of hundreds of donors, we’ve seen girls escape human trafficking and be restored to wholeness. Our programs restore women through safe homes, safe work spaces and safe communities. When you volunteer, you’re making a powerful impact in a woman’s life.


SE Asia | Long-term

SE Asia | Short-term

Ambassador Training

Ambassador Training is a structured 2-month training program for justice-minded individuals. Participants conduct guided research under the supervision of our Global Director, and meet bi-weekly on Skype to discuss their findings together.

Study topics include: the fundamentals of modern-day slavery, human trafficking issues locally and globally, history and modern-day practices, effects on world economy and impact on communities and families, as well as relevant terminology.

Following the 2-month period, participants visit the project for a week to learn directly from our staff. On your trip, you’ll learn about our safe homes, trauma counselling, prevention, outreach and ethical storytelling.

After your training, you’ll be equipped to understand human trafficking and advocate for sustainable solutions in any setting. Get in touch to find out if ambassador training would be a good fit for you!

Short-Term Trips

If your church or community is interested in partnering with Woven long-term, visiting the project on a short-term trip can be a great first step! When you travel with us, you’ll learn about the multiple aspects of our work including our businesses and national leaders. You’ll gain a better sense of our work and how you can support Woven at home.

Contact us for more information on volunteer opportunities. If you don’t see an opportunity that fits, send us a note! We want to chat with you.