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Woven International rescues and restores survivors of human trafficking in SE Asia through safe homes, education and work opportunities.

At Woven, we’re on a mission to prevent trafficking and care for survivors.

For the past 12 years, we’ve helped women and girls affected by trafficking be restored to wholeness through:

  • providing safe housing for the abused and those at risk of exploitation
  • creating businesses that provide safe jobs for vulnerable people
  • providing educational and vocational training opportunities
  • preventing and raising awareness of sex trafficking locally in SE Asia
  • sharing the hope found in the gospel of Christ



Our safe homes have capacity for 45 young women.


safe homes

Our 4 safe homes protect, care and love vulnerable women in need of healing.



In the last 12 years, Woven has impacted over 400 young women through our work.



Woven runs 4 safe work projects in the region: a jewellery store, hair salon, organic farm and cafe.

Our Story

12 years ago two local women in SE Asia, Noi* and Bee*, began praying to understand God’s call and mission for their lives.

Their careful prayer journey lead them to Kieli,* a woman in the terminal stages of cancer. Kieli had a dying wish for Noi and Bee… could they rescue her 8 year-old daughter?

Her daughter had been abused by her uncle, before being sold into human trafficking. Noi and Bee sprung into action, finding Kieli’s daughter, and welcoming her into one of their homes for safety. In their loving care, Kieli’s daughter was able to find hope, healing and rehabilitation.

Woven was ignited by her life.

Led by faith from the very beginning, the women knew: this was God’s project. Since the first rescue of Kieli’s daughter many years ago, human trafficking continued to grow in the region. We knew our mission: to spread awareness about the dangers of trafficking and rescue girls trapped in the fray.

Our team of volunteers around the country began to provide educational opportunities, safe spaces, skills training, counselling and spiritual mentoring. Since that day 12 years ago, our impact has grown from restoring one girl, to 4 safe homes now supporting 45 girls.

To date, 75 girls have graduated and over 400 women have traveled through or have been a part of our safe homes. Currently, we have had personal conversations with over 650 women at risk.

“I want you woven into a tapestry of love, in touch with everything there is to know of God.”

Colossians 2:2 (The Message)

Meet the Team

The Woven team is made up of both foreigners (Western staff) and national leaders. We believe in cross-culture collaboration, working together to achieve a common goal. For the safety of our staff, we are unable to share photos or names of our team members. However, for a better understanding of the Woven team, read the general descriptions of each staff member below.

Project Manager - Oversees all the activities within the ministry to women at risk with the focus on strategic development for unreached people groups and women in rural areas.

Safe House Manager - Responsible for the day-to-day schedule and activities for all women and children in our care facilities.

Rural Outreach Coordinator - Spiritual and strategic development for connecting with women in dangerous or exploitative work environments.

Inner City Coordinator - Develops prayer walk schedule for red-light district and creates intervention strategies to connect with women in exploitative situations.

Spiritual Coordinator - Oversees discipleship, spiritual mentoring, corporate worship and teaching for all beneficiaries of the project.

Program & Counselling Coordinators - Creates restoration curriculum with individualized health care and counselling for each beneficiary including retreats and training.

Accountant/Assistant to the Project Manager - Reports and receipts on all project funding; coordinates all project related budgets; manages the staff of the project.

Café Manager - Oversees operational activities; provides leadership development for café staff and wider team. Creates rural development projects with coffee farmers.

Farm manager - Oversees staff and project development, as well as relationships with rice farmers.

Program Manager - Oversees development of all vocational curriculum and corporate training for spiritual, leadership and skill-based development.

Project Senior Manager - Gives oversight to all of our ministries with an emphasis on strategic planning regarding protection, procedures, unreached people groups and leadership development.

Business Development Coordinator - Explores ideas and connects project businesses with foreign resources to encourage the entrepreneurial mindset of young people in the region.

Global Relations Coordinator - Fosters relationship between the project and the global community, representing the work and needs of the organization. Shares the issue of human trafficking and invites people to contribute their skills to expand the organization’s impact.

Creative Media Coordinator - Leads a team of creative professionals and volunteers to help meet the marketing, promotional and educational needs of the organization.

God is rewriting hopelessness into hope every day.

Be a part of the redemption story.