We offer housing to those combatting trauma and are
committed to caring for the whole person through a range of physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual activities.  


As much as it depends on us, we seek to provide a safe living environment to those who have unfortunately been abused, exploited, or enslaved. With current capacity for 30 girls in 3 safe houses, we are looking for partners to help us purchase land and build a more suitable, protective home for the young women in our care. 


Our outreach teams are connecting with women and girls on a weekly basis, building relationship and trust with not only those working in brothels and bars, but also with the owners of the establishments when possible. Education about the dangers of sex work is shared while our teams spend time doing crafts or sharing Good News with the women there. 


Children who are living at risk of being exploited are welcomed to live within our safe houses. We offer long-term care as opposed to curriculum-based caregiving. Anyone who comes into our homes can stay until she feels ready to support herself financially or be reconciliated with her family.